MP3 Juice

Welcome to MP3 Juice. MP3 Juice is a free MP3 search engine that allows you to search for your favorite music on several sources. You are able to download the music as MP3 (audio) or *MP4 (video) files. MP3 Juice will work on your desktop, tablet and mobile devices so you do not need to install any additional apps. The usage of MP3 Juice is free, and safe!

How to use MP3 Juice?

1. Simply enter your search query above. As soon as you type in your search query a list of suggestion will pop up. Feel free to choose a suggestion or ignore them. Then click on the „Search” button.

2. MP3 Juice will search for any matching results for your search query. As soon as the search is completed you will get a list of results. Should you like to search on more sources for your search query simply click on the „Repeat search” button on the end of the results list.

3. Depending on the source, every result might have a „MP3 Download”, *„MP4 Download”, *„Copy” and a „Play” button. Some results need to be converted to the chosen format before you able to download them. This might take a short while.

Alternatively you can also use MP3 Juice as a video converter. Just enter the video URL above and click on the „Search” button. After that choose your preferred download format. The video will be converted and after a short time you will be able to download the converted video.

With the usage of MP3 Juice you are accepting our Terms of Use.

*Some sources might not display the „MP4 Download” and „Copy” button.